Business proprietary refrigeration cold chain logistics and 3rd party logistics services and limit

according to the understanding, refers to refrigeration frozen food cold chain logistics in the production, hiding storage transport, sale, before the cost of each link is always in so-called cold cases, to ensure food quality, and reduced food consumption on 1 system works. 3rd-party cold chain logistics means, saving costs, companies in the process of planning outsourced to 3rd party cold chain logistics system engineering. Frozen refrigeration industry in China now grow the agile, 3rd party cold chain logistics also grew up. Examples of 3rd party cold chain logistics in China resulted in the growth of many questions. This is mainly expressed in:

1, 3rd party specialized refrigerated logistics industry development in our country at present is not mature, most of the new 3rd party cold chain logistics is the original enterprise engaged in refrigeration transport or warehousing enterprise restructuring, and small enterprise, the network is not perfect and market a narrower lid.

growth lag due to 3rd-party cold chain logistics, the logistics service network limited of the lid, and the slow construction of the logistics information system, quality, accuracy and timeliness of the cold chain logistics are difficult to guarantee, 1 have a high cold chain logistics costs, on the other hand is incapable of preventing a higher consumption of goods. Thus, most production manufacturers wish to stop at the end of 3rd-party cold chain logistics cost to worry about refrigeration logistics outsourcing of security problems, can only be planned on their own, or the outsourcing of partial or regional. Import of cold chain logistics enterprises accounted for 80% of the total logistics, only 20% of smooth smooth 3rd party implementations. Inevitable level which in turn hinders the growth of 3rd party cold chain logistics.

2, not much formal 3rd party cold chain logistics company

according to GPS information, regular supply of 3rd party logistics company-wide cold chain logistics is not much, more of a guerrilla siege of the regular army, 1 some 3rd party logistics based on price competition and non-profits for investment and expansion. "Quantity" in King's logistics operation, if the amount is not enough, price will be high because of its high cost, will stop more potential customers using formal services, if no customer is more difficult to grow.

3, quality progress 3rd party cold chain logistics company

logistics enterprises with their own progress, how to go 1 step for enterprise service is 1 to upgrade problems, since  this result is 1 a young industry. 3rd party logistics themselves to cut costs and extend as soon as possible to make it a 1 a virtuous circle. It also need to have 1 more enduring mutual aid processes.

4, shortage of related policy directives

and relevant government departments need to defined rules of the food supply chain execution and monitoring, guide enterprises to the formal development of cold chain logistics, and not to rely on self-discipline in order to brand the company. 3rd party logistics have to be simultaneously active things and nurture talents to grow and expand their, but some companies into large basic facilities are very advanced, but did not reach the necessary levels of processing. Building cold storage is not 1 tip the whole craft, can also purchase refrigeration car investment, instead of the current 1 year more treaties, or larger investment will probably not. Integrity on both sides has not yet created, conducive to lasting and mutual assistance, and more actions for a short time. Enduring shortages of strategic mutual assistance 1 factors restricting the growth of the industry.

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