Eastern Air Yunnan company measures in building good off-season marketing campaign
With market of gradually turned light, East Aviation Yunnan limited (China Eastern Yunnan Airlines., referred to "East Airlines Yunnan company") for full playing good off-season marketing battle, ensure off-season plan made effectiveness, company the unit in company insisted early research, and early structure of counsel indicates Xia, adopted has more items measures, in enhanced marketing things of while, upgrade service level, for company useful upgrade has off-season bonus capacity.

marketing market into the off-season, sells things cannot be light, 1 step to strengthen the system of off-season sales briefings, request marketing staff to do nothing, and at every day, day date, focus on meeting effectiveness. Every day 30 minutes of morning will, settlement things staff on Qian 1 days and domestic 1-14 days, and international 1 months sent sold data held analysis, find problem, seat ratio middle, and sent sold group, and flights plans Department, and groups customer middle, and e-commerce middle, sector things staff is according to by supply data focus save attention 11 article trunk line, and negative side route, and returns below total fly route, and high guest low returns route, and low guest route, and new open or encryption route, focuses on analysis things in the exists of not enough, proposed improved measures or solution plans, As well as for daily follow-up supervision, ensure the rally effect implementation. Watch the daily gains at the same time, marketing department or abnormal face and the same mutual customers, customers of some major groups, marketing guidance led to visit in person. Recently, during a visit to Red River group in the process, both implied in 1 step to enhance the same assistance, cooperation to achieve a win-win situation, according to the statistics, Hongyun Honghe team January 2012 to renew Eastern cumulative purchase amount reached 10.14 million Yuan so far.

good job market, but also good service skills. The night of November 4, several owners came to the Home Office of business Hong Kong the counter anxiety anxiety, inform the counter staff they needed 45 lobster shipped to Guangzhou, if the goods can't arrived today, they will lose more than 2.1 million Yuan. At that time, Kunming MU5733 only 22:10 off the plane flight to Guangzhou, and the flight time limits have been set out, only two hours from the take off time 3, as appropriate, to the vital interests of the owner of the, Department of transportation linkage, the spirit of "owner anxious, owners want to want to" judge will dispatch the goods to th collection and distribution in MU5733. Close inspection by Hong Kong, counter, loading and stacking more active in various sectors, such as harmony, 2,105 minutes 1 hour before the departure the receipts, documentation, loading, complex, example 1 series finish. Cargo Department handle emergencies efficiently, fast, rapid response, considerate service, perfect, save a huge economic loss for the customer at the same time, also for China Eastern Airlines to shape a good brand image, has been highly praised by owners.

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