Freight road and around the city of Chengdu high speed interoperability

Chengdu transportation road and high-speed Beltway interchange opened on 30th!, the interchange has been and acceptance, at the opening. Cargo high-speed interchange project Beltway Avenue and smoothly completed and opened to trucks to divert to the Beltway high speed transportation Avenue station of the whole, while freight traffic through the station in the North, payments or via Szechuan-road freight Avenue du, qingbaijiang's logistics center.

freight road and high-speed Beltway interchange projects are divided into the urban interchange and the expressway interchange in two parts. Urban grade separation project scope for the join line and freight road and West Park Road adjacent to the ramp, the underlying pavements and subordinate project, within the scope of the project in accordance with the scale of municipal engineering plans; Highway interchange projects to join line ramp end point and the freeway ramp adjacent to the Beltway and, within the scope of the project in accordance with the scale of highway engineering project. A total investment of 415 million Yuan.

according to the study on Chengdu spatial development strategy, xindu district, will be built into a radiation strong economic growth northern town, Sichuan and Shaanxi road (big road) into the way, mainly in charge of passenger flow, internal and external transport network in order to guarantee the convergence of traffic flow smoothly. Overall structure of Chengdu city, according to the traffic plan, plan building 1 in the East of the Baoji-Chengdu railway freight corridor (freight Avenue), in charge of the Sichuan-Shaanxi road (big road) transportation effects. Northern cotton high speed freight traffic from turning into highway Beltway transportation Avenue or the Sichuan-Shaanxi road (big road) balance of Logistics Center South freight road freight traffic flow balance of logistics or by high-speed freight road, Beltway balance Logistics Center. Thus, building freight Avenue and around city high-speed Exchange interchange, makes chuan shaan road (large road), and around city high-speed, and freight Avenue formed combined Exchange type interchange, talent full cast freight Avenue of transport effect, for du and qingbaijiang logistics Middle growth and industry construction supply support, also will great to cut freight traffic on chuan shaan road (large road), main career sex way of nuisance.

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