Hebei province, heavy fog hit 9 Highway closed

from the Hebei provincial Expressway traffic police corps that, yesterday's snowfall and fog today in my province with Beijing, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao, Canton, Gallery Zhuo 9 highways in Hebei province and the closed station in real time, qualified traffic. By 12:25 way all affected by meteorological resume normal traffic.

Hebei provincial Expressway traffic police staff on the road, enhanced inspection of the affected sections and dredging the mouth of communication control, and through road and station, on-board video surveillance equipment, intimate attention to climate change, nimble and adopt countermeasures, most probably in a safety vehicle traffic.

under the influence 1st snowfall, Beijing-Harbin, coast, Tang-Jin Expressway pavement along the icy station closes. For road vehicles, high-speed traffic police to adopt measures of the speed of the police car leading from xianghe, Qinhuangdao bi-directional vehicles pass through the icy roads.

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